Ep/Album | Bahati Bukuku – Dawa Yangu


Ep/Album | Bahati Bukuku - Dawa Yangu

(Dawa Yangu ni Yesu – EP by Bahati Bukuku)

Tanzanian Gospel sensation Bahati Bukuku unveils her soul-stirring EP, “Dawa Yangu ni Yesu.” This highly anticipated release is a powerful collection of uplifting songs that center around her unwavering faith in Jesus as her ultimate source of healing and strength. 

With her signature emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Bahati Bukuku’s music transcends cultural boundaries, touching the hearts of listeners across the globe. “Dawa Yangu ni Yesu” is a profound testament to the artist’s deep spirituality and promises to be a transformative and inspiring musical journey for all who experience it.

Ep/Album | Bahati Bukuku – Dawa Yangu

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