Download Video Mp4 | Mocco Genius – Yamenishika


Download Video Mp4 | Mocco Genius - Yamenishika

Tanzanian musician and songwriter Mocco Genius’ song “Yamenishika” is a Bongo Flava love ballad. As the first single from his planned album of the same name, it was made available in March 2023. The title of the song, which translates to “I am overwhelmed” in Swahili, expresses the singer’s passionate love for his lover.

The song is a mid-tempo ballad with a catchy melody and Mocco Genius’s soulful vocal delivery. The singer’s intense love and dedication for his partner are shown in the song’s straightforward but emotional lyrics. The song is a promising start to Mocco Genius’s next album and is guaranteed to please Bongo Flava music enthusiasts.

March saw the debut of the “Yamenishika” music video on YouTube.