Download Audio Mp3 | Them Mushrooms – Hapo Kale

“Hapo Kale” is a song by the Kenyan band Them Mushrooms, released in 1991. It is a funky, upbeat track with a catchy melody and infectious groove. The song is about the band’s love for mushrooms, which they see as a source of joy and liberation.

The song’s title, “Hapo Kale,” translates to “There are mushrooms” in Swahili. The lyrics are a celebration of the mushroom’s ability to transport the listener to a higher state of consciousness. The band sings about how mushrooms can make you feel happy, free, and alive.

“Hapo Kale” is a classic Kenyan funk song that is still enjoyed by fans today. It is a fun and upbeat track that is sure to get you moving.

Download Audio Mp3 | Them Mushrooms – Hapo Kale