Download Audio Mp3 | Chid Benz ft. Q Chillar – Muda

Chid Benz and Q Chillar are Tanzanian artists who have collaborated on the song “Muda.” Chid Benz, whose real name is Rashid Makwiro, is a popular Bongo Flava musician known for his unique style and distinctive voice. He has been in the music industry for several years and has released numerous hit songs.

Q Chillar, on the other hand, is an upcoming artist who has been making waves in the Tanzanian music scene. Known for his captivating melodies and energetic performances, Q Chillar has gained a growing fanbase and is considered one of the promising talents in the industry.

Their collaboration on the song “Muda” showcases their exceptional musical abilities and their ability to create infectious tunes. The track combines elements of Bongo Flava, Afrobeat, and modern Tanzanian pop music, resulting in a catchy and danceable song that is sure to captivate listeners.

Download Audio Mp3 | Chid Benz ft. Q Chillar – Muda