Download Audio Mp3 | Professor Jay ft Alikiba – Calling

“Calling” is a song by Professor Jay featuring Alikiba. Released in 2023, the track is a collaboration between two prominent Tanzanian artists. The song combines Afro-pop and bongo flava elements to create a catchy and upbeat tune.

“Calling” is a romantic ballad that tells the story of a man who cannot resist calling his love interest despite the obstacles that may come their way. The lyrics express the overpowering feeling of love and the need to constantly be in touch with one’s partner.

The song features Professor Jay’s smooth and melodic rap verses, which complement Alikiba’s soulful and emotive vocals. Both artists showcase their musical talents, resulting in a harmonious blend of their unique styles.

“Calling” became a hit upon its release, receiving positive reviews from fans and music critics alike. It showcased the collaboration of two influential artists in the Tanzanian music industry and further solidified their positions as leading figures in the genre.

Overall, “Calling” is a captivating and romantic track that showcases the talent and chemistry between Professor Jay and Alikiba. With its infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics, the song continues to be beloved by fans of Tanzanian music.

Download Audio Mp3 | Professor Jay ft Alikiba – Calling