myWings: Helpful Guide to Access UNF My Wings 2024

Introduction UNF My Wings is a comprehensive online platform for students at the University of North Florida (UNF) that provides valuable resources and tools to help them succeed academically and personally. This guide will provide a helpful overview of how to access and navigate UNF My Wings 2024, as well as the various features and resources available to students.

UNF My Wings 2024 Login Process

  1. Visit the UNF My Wings website at
  2. Click on the “Student” tab if you are a student or the “Employee” tab if you are a staff member.
  3. Enter your UNF username and password.
  4. Click the “Login” button to access the UNF My Wings 2024 dashboard.

UNF My Wings 2024 Dashboard Overview

The UNF My Wings 2024 dashboard serves as a central hub for students, providing access to a wide range of resources and tools. Some of the key features available on the dashboard include:

  • Academic Records: Access to your unofficial transcript, grades, degree audit, and other academic records.
  • Registration: View your class schedule, register for courses, and access the course catalog.
  • Financial Aid: Monitor your financial aid status, apply for additional aid, and access award information.
  • Billing and Payment: View your account balance, make payments, and set up payment plans.
  • Student Email: Access your UNF email account and manage your email settings.
  • Campus Resources: Links to various campus resources such as the library, career services, and health services.

Navigating UNF My Wings 2024

  1. Click on the desired tab to access the specific resource or tool you need.
  2. Use the search bar to quickly locate specific information or resources.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the layout and organization of the dashboard to efficiently access the resources you need.

Authoritative Reference Titles

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  2. UNF Student Portal: The main website for students at the University of North Florida, offering information on academic resources, campus life, and other essential services. (
  3. UNF Registrar’s Office: The official website for the University of North Florida’s Registrar’s Office, responsible for maintaining academic records, registration, and other related services. (


UNF My Wings 2024 is an essential resource for students at the University of North Florida, providing access to a wide range of academic and personal resources. By following the login process and familiarizing yourself with the dashboard, you can efficiently access the tools and resources you need to succeed at UNF.